The 15 Words Every Network Marketer Needs to Know

Words influence decisions.  These 15 words are proven to increase response rates with your marketing copy.  Of course, different words and phrases work better in different situations.  It's up to you to figure out which work best for your business.

1.  You - Your prospect wants to know that you are interested in them, not just your next recruitment bonus; that you have their best interests at heart.  Write as though you are speaking directly to them.

2.  Because - Explain to your prospects why they need to take action.  "...because you said you want to build a nest egg."  "...because you're tired of working two jobs." "...because you don't want to miss out on life anymore."

3.  Value - Your prospects need to feel like they are investing in their futures, not just paying money for some kind of kit. 

4.  Awesome - I use it all the time and with good reason.  Prospects respond to opportunities that are amazing!

5. Easy - Taking the next step to join your team needs to be simple.  Show your prospects just how easy it can be.

6. Act now - Implies that there is a time limit to your offer.  This will often elicit an immediate response.

7.  Everything you need - As in "Our company (or our team) supplies you with everything you need to build a successful business."  This indicates that they will be given everything they need to reach their goal by joining your team.

8. New - Your company or product is cutting edge and unique in the industry such as "The Ariix Team Member Bill of Rights is a new concept in the network marketing industry."

9.  Proven - Remind prospects that network marketing is a tried and true business model. 

10  Powerful - Let prospects know that the concepts of residual income and leverage can be powerful ways to build wealth. 

11,  Secrets - Not everyone is successful.  Let prospects know that you have the secrets to success in network marketing and will share them.

12.  The - Consider the difference:  15 Words Every Network Marketer Needs to Know or THE 15 Words Every Network Marketer Needs to Know.

13.  How to - Give the solution to a problem so your prospect keeps reading.  "How to achieve true financial freedom."  "How to FINALLY fire your boss."

14.  Elite - Your team only accepts the best.  Ensure your prospects know they are going to be working with the experts in the business.

15.  Wealth - After all, that's why most of your prospects are looking.  Most aren't interested in network marketing for any other reason.

Combine these words into phrases that trigger an emotional response.  For example:  "Did your last network marketing team let you down?  Our team of elite professionals has the secret to network marketing success!  Act now - because you deserve a better life."