Ariix Products

Ariix products provide a key component to a healthy business - diversification.  Financial and wealth-building experts agree:  multiple streams of income are vital in today's economy.  The Ariix product line provides five independent brands.  Choose the ones that you want to market or market all five.  Whichever you choose, you are representing some of the best products on the market!


The Nutrifii line provides nutritional supplements designed to provide your body everything it needs for optimal health.  They combine the essential nutrients our bodies need in the most comprehensive blends available on the market.  Our team of physicians, scientists, and nutritional experts are continually expanding their knowledge and understanding of dietary science so we can continually improve our formulas and bring you the most effective products possible.  Plus every Nutrifii product is tested and proven to exceed industry standards for quality and purity. 


The Slenderiiz products provide effective, long-term weight loss.  These homeopathic products are completely safe AND provide superior results.  I should know.  After many years of trying one weight loss program after another, I have, as of this writing, lost 50 pounds with the Slenderiiz products!  The Slenderiiz system has been proven to help you lose twice as much weight as diet and exercise alone controlling your appetite and increasing your metabolic rate - SAFELY.  I call it the perfect weight loss program.


You never see me anywhere anymore without my Puritii water bottle and filter.  I never used to drink water.  Now I can't get enough.  The Puritii water filter provides the cleanest filtered water possible.  Whether you're filling it from your kitchen sink or a nearby pond, the filter will provide clean, pure water that is 99.99% free of chemical, microbial, and radioactive contamination. 

Just as important as clean water is clean air.  And the Puritii Air filtration system does for your air what the water filter does for your water.   It provides high-capacity air purification with an 11-stage filter that removes 99% of particulates, microbes and dangerous gases from your home, for air as clear and clean as it looks.                         



Reviive Organics is our line of personal care products.  They are packed full of all natural and certified organic ingredients.  Instead of bathing your skin and hair in sodium sulfate, parabens, and phthalates, learn how to be beautiful naturally!


Priime is the newest brand to be added to our amazing lineup of products.  Essential oils have been used for millennia to cleanse the body, calm the soul, and ease affliction.  Our unique blends combine modern scientific knowledge and the heritage of traditional Eastern medicine.

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