Believe You Can

Henry Ford is quoted as saying, "If you think you can, or think you can't, you are right."  He was right.

Belief is the fuel that drives network marketers.  You will only be as strong as you believe yourself to be.  You must believe in your business, in your company, in your products, and most of all, in yourself.

When you believe in yourself you free yourself from the expectations and actions of others and equip yourself to deal with the inevitable ups and downs of doing business.

Self-doubt will slow you down.  If you unload your doubts before you get started, you will be able to move more swiftly toward your goals.

You can start by accepting that belief comes from within.  Take responsibility for your feelings.  You are free to form your own beliefs. 

Ninety percent of all communication is self-talk.  So start by listing all your great qualities - you warmth, your passion, your honesty, your intelligence, or your creativity.  Look for areas where you excel.

Filter criticism.  If it's valid, thank the person who did you a favor and consider it a chance to grow.  You are not your blunders or slipups.  The only people who get things right all the time are the people who play it safe and never attempt anything new.  Remind yourself that the judgment of others will be clouded by their personalities and experiences. You are you!  Unique and wonderful!  You can be whatever you want to be and have whatever you want to have.

If you surround yourself with people who make you feel insecure, move on!  Seek out positive, enthusiastic and supportive people instead.

We like people who like us, so be considerate of others and interested in their lives.  Be generous with compliments and praise. 

Learn to separate fact from fiction.  We have two sides - rational and emotional.  Learn to differentiate between the two. 

If you do have genuine personal issues to deal with, don't despair.  Nobody is perfect.  Focus on your strengths.  Allow yourself to grow as you build your business and your life.  Identify weaknesses and start working on them  Negative thinking with a specific plan for improvement is self-destructive and pointless. 

Fortunately, I have met very few network marketers who have not experienced incredible personal growth as they worked toward their goals.  What matters is that you are willing to move forward.  It takes courage to change your life.  Confidence will come when you start to see results. 

You will need to be strong because it is the nature of network marketing that we continually have to put ourselves on the line.  Rejection goes with the territory.  You can't avoid rebuffs or mistakes.  But by believing in yourself you will be able to weather the bad times.

Building a healthy self-esteem is not just about you.  Your confidence will filter down through your organization as it grows.  By working on your self-belief you are not only helping yourself, you are developing skills that will enable you to help others.  The more strength you have within, the more you will have to give, and the more likely you are to build an organization of loyal, committed people.