Believe in Yourself

1.  Make a list of your positive qualities.  Be generous in your praise, as you would be if people you care about asked you to say what you most admired about them.  Don't stop until you have listed at least 10 qualities.  If you need help, ask family and friends what they like, respect, and admire about you.

2.  Consider how each of these qualities will help you achieve your goals, and write them as statements of fact.  For example, "My determination to succeed will ensure I make 10 presentations a week regardless of other commitments I have."

3.  List any lingering self-doubts that may limit your progress.  If you list more than three or four, you are probably indulging yourself in a little pity party.  Read "Believe You Can" before you continue.

4.  Challenge each of your doubts, using rational rather than emotional responses.  Ask:                                                                                      

"Is this belief valid?

"Does it stand up to scrutiny, or am I using it as a convenient excuse?"

"Is this about my personality, or about a behavior I can change?"

5.  If you still have some issues on your mind, it's time to test whether you are passionate about your goals or just playing with them.  Answer this questions TRUTHFULLY:

"Am I prepared to sacrifice my dreams for perceptions or mistakes that belong in the past or am I willing to let go and move on?"

6.  Are you ready to move on and start on your goals?  Make a commitment to address behaviors that will hold you back.  For example:

I will become more organized by __________________________________________.

I will overcome my shyness by_____________________________________________.

I will stop__________________________________________________________________.

I will start__________________________________________________________________.

I will become______________________________________________________________.

7.  Reread all the nice things you said about yourself and remember all the nice things other people have said about you.  Do this over and over, especially whenever you feel a ping of self-doubt.  Your confidence will strengthen as you start getting results.