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Boomingpreneurs - The Best Email Marketers
April 26, 2018

Let's talk about hype today.

Let’s talk about spam.

Knowing how much I don’t like hypey, spammy emails, who are the best email marketers today? The ones you should definitely be following and stealing from? (Not literally of course!)

Here's a list of my favorite "no-hype, no-spam" email marketers:

* Diane Hochman

* Susan Su

* Ramit Sethi

* Ross Simmonds

* Sol Orwell - Sol's the man!

* Peep Laja - he's the other man!

* Joanna Wiebe

* Sujan Patel

There’s a bunch more I’m probably forgetting, but if someone is looking for some great "no hype, no spam, no BS" emails to look at, you can't go wronghere.

Get on their lists. (I’m on all of them!)

Read them.

Study them.

Emulate them.

Profit from them...



Yes, it takes effort…

And no... it's not "get rich quick."

But if you want to a safe (and very simple) way to build a business at home, email marketing works.

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