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Booming-preneurs! - Want a Piece of the Big Relaunch Pie?
October 31, 2017

I know...

I know...

All these big internet launches are ticking a lot of people off...

Maybe you are one of them .

But isn't a big part of the reason that people are ticked off that you feel like these launches are reserved for the BIG DOGS only and that little guys like us can't get a piece of the pie???

I really used to feel that way big time until I had the opportunity to work a big time launch last December and walked away with some nice profits for a week’s work.

NO KIDDING...and BTW..I don’t usually share income or make claims because the truth is that most people CANNOT do this when they work a launch but in this particular case it happened to be for a product I use every day and that I had been for awhile so combine the fact that I have a very responsive list, I got access to the big launch in the first place PLUS I BELIEVED in the product and I was able to do cool stuff.

(If you know me well, you remember! Because I was pretty pumped!)

It was like a miracle..

I was in little nobody that could...


But anyway...

A few weeks ago I got word of a big launch coming out.

Actually it’s more like a RE-launch…

And I got pretty excited about it simply because I have met and studied with some of the people involved.

They are the real deal...not slick...just GENIUS about this stuff

I started using this when it launched. And since then one of the founders has decided to focus more on e-commerce and the others are refocusing and rebuilding this with the original intention in mind.

The first-ever online Internet Marketing College (for lack of a better description!)

Now if you know me at all...

I have made some huge strides in my online marketing lately and it is due to stuff I learned here.

And here is what you need to know about me.

I CANNOT promote ANYTHING that I have not used or a person I have not studied with.

It's just not in my blood.

You see...

If you strip everything away ...

All the blog posts...

All the sites...



All I have is MY NAME

So if I risk my name selling something I do not believe in I set myself up for a mess a year or two down the line PLUS many sleepless nights.

No amount of money is worth that...right???

In fact, I recently wrote about blog post about just that…

Reputations Are Fragile

So I was all set to promote this...

Which I will for those of you that are interested in it.


I just got an email saying that as a Preferred Partner, I am allowed to invite othersto become partners as well and to tell you the truth..

It gave me GOOSEBUMPS…

So now it is MY TURN to invite you into the world of Tecademics.

If you have wanted a piece of the pie...

NOW is your chance.

To learn all about it and see if YOU want to promote it..


Check out the site, watch the Chairman’s update, and fill out the stuff there to get a link to promote.

We'll even train you on HOW to do it.

You DO NOT need to buy anything to promote it and if you do GO TO WORK who knows...maybe you will make the top ten and be NOTICED by all the TOP DOGS and get INVITED to play in the BIG LEAGUES.

But remember ....

NEVER risk your name by promoting things that you do not believe in EVEN if it pays a grand a clip.

I have been at this 20+ years and I PROMISE you that you will regret it if you do stuff like that.

WATCH everything...READ everything ...and then make a GOOD business decision about whether this fits into your marketing mix.

So there you go...

Your shot at the big ticket affiliate pie

Have a BALL and if you sign up send me your link so I can send you some tips on how I approach stuff like this.

Have fun!


P.S. Almost forgot!

I found some old photos of me at one of my first events. Over 17 years ago! And it reminded me how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned and shared over the years.

To celebrate, I’m putting 20 of my best trainings together and will be sharing them exclusively with you. Be patient because I’m updating them as I go to include all the innovations that have come along since I started.


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