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Booming-preneurs! - Change is Good
February 28, 2018

I have to admit...

Despite the fact that I was in the military, I hated PT!

I'm not a runner...or at least I wasn't!

Until I met a Marine Corps Gunnery Sargent.

Then I quickly became all about running!

Because he taught me how to look beyond the pain I was feeling...

To run through it...

And if I started complaining, he would run beside me and yell...

Pain is good! Extreme pain is extremely good! It reminds us we're still alive!

I never forgot that saying. I still chant it to myself when I'm pushing myself harder than normal.

And years later, when I was working for a large corporation and trying to push some changes through that the workers didn't want (but that would really benefit them!), I adopted a modified version as part of my campaign...

Change is good! Extreme change is extremely good! It reminds us not to get too comfortable!

And there are changes coming!

Exciting Tecademics changes!...

Life-changing MLSP changes!!

Industry-shaking ARIIX changes!!!

Which of course means I'll be shifting also in order to take advantage of what's coming.

That's the beauty of this business.

You can adapt as new information, new technology, new trends, and new opportunities present themselves.

I know this is a long email.

But there is just so much exciting news!

So the smart people will read all the way to the end.

The others...well....

Now I can't fill you in on all the details yet. Some of this is still so new it hasn't even been announced publicly! But I wanted to give you a heads up so you can position yourself to take advantage of anything that gets you excited! I know I'm in on ALL of it!

So first - Tecademics.. Some of you joined Tecademics as free student members way back when I first told everyone about it. And many of you took advantage of the free training available and went wild with your business! So you know that this is an amazing platform!

But a few of you tried to recently enroll and found my links didn't work.

Well...that's because Tecademics has sold ther proprietary technology and curriculum to IQUP.

This is GREAT NEWS for all current and former students.

In fact, it's great news for the entire world of digital marketing training!

So, while nothing is fully operational yet, I did want to share this with you so you could be prepared. Let me know if you are interested and I will be sure to keep you up to date!

Now...let's talk about MLSP!

You know how I feel about it...

I talk about it...a lot! just got better!

If that's possible!

Yes, you still get all of the marketing training.

You still get the blog platform.

And the funnel creator, Funnelizer.

And the CRM.

And the weekly training webinar.

And the done-for-you lead magnets.


Now you get to earn even more money!

I am not going to attempt to explain it. I'll leave that to Brian!

Check out the webinar replay here

And once you are finished...

sign up for the 10 day trial here!

Now...about ARIIX

I know many of you are not ARIIX team members.

But if there was ever a time to consider it, now's the time.

Something BIG is coming!

The 7th Division Is Coming!


Time to shift!

Who's coming with me?

Let's do this!


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