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Boomingpreneurs - Clearing the Air
April 09, 2018

If you are living and building your business in alignment with your mission, your vision, and your values, you are going to change direction from time to time.

You'll find that old communities, long-time acquaintances, well-used tools just don't fit anymore. You've outgrown them. And comfortable as they can be, sometimes it's best to put them away.

You may find that you are being drawn into new things, growing and changing.

When you get signals that it's time for a course correction, you should pay attention.

I'm doing some new stuff. And I'm putting away some old stuff.

No, I haven't stopped doing the stuff that's important. I'm still available to work with people who want to build an amazing business and create the life they've dreamed about.

And I'm all in on my company's newest division! It's life-changing - FOR REAL!

But I wanted to let you know that you may be seeing some new things I haven't done before.

And you might not be seeing some things any longer that had been a big part of my business.

And it's all good!

The only constant in life is change.

But one thing that will never change is my commitment to helping others succeed.

No matter what else comes and goes, I'll still be here!


P.S. "We rise by lifting others." That is one of my favorite quotes!

I recently challenged members of my Facebook group to become Radical Givers. And they stepped up big time! And now I'm issuing the same challenge to you!

I know some of you are also in my group and have already done the challenge. If so, I challenge you now to share the concept with your circle. The world is sorely in need of radical givers.

You can start by reading my blog post.

What Is a Radical Giver?

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