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Booming-preneurs! - Your Moneymaker Task List
March 15, 2018

A challenge for many people I’ve heard from people about doing a moneymaker task is that they don’t know what to sell.

If you don’t currently have something to sell then you have a gap in your business that it’s time to fix BUT this challenge isn’t the time. EVEN IF you have nothing to sell you can STILL do this challenge and I’m going to explain how in today’s task.

Your task:

1. Write down your offers inventory. it’s time to take inventory! Really dig deep here and look through your own shopping cart, in your files on your computer and consider past offers that you could possibly revive. You want options but it’s entirely possible to do this if you have one and only one offer.

2. Brainstorm a list of ways you can SELL your own inventory. This is your Moneymaker Tasks List. Use the resources you have available to you and really dig deep to think about them all. Email List, Website, Social Media sites… where can you promote and doing what?

If you have no offers to speak of, do this:

Become an affiliate for a program, product or service. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money while you work on creating your own offers. I am an affiliate for several companies: MLSP, SoloBuildIt, fact, if I use the product or service and it has an affiliate program, I am probably an affiliate for it. I would recommend it anyway so why not get paid to do so?

Trust me you can do this and it won’t look spammy or scammy or feel icky. Keep with me and I’ll explain how!

In brainstorming your Moneymaker Task List here are some possible things you can do:

• Send an offer email to your list.• Send a content email with call to action to your list.• Send an email personally to someone you think would love it. • Send an email to your affiliates list asking them to promote something.• Send an email to affiliates personally asking to promote something.• Add a PS to a relevant email to your list with an offer in it. • Post an offer in your facebook group.• Post content in your facebook group with an offer included. • Post an offer on Twitter.• Post an offer on LinkedIn.• Post an offer on Instagram. • Write a blog post that is an offer.• Write a blog post that is content with an offer.• Write a blog post that is a review.• Publish a podcast with an offer. • Create a Facebook Live that is an offer.• Post a video to YouTube that is an offer. • Update a product with additional content and an offer, then email your customers to let them know you did an update. • Put an offer on the homepage of your website.• Create a great blog post, put an offer in the bottom and in the sidebar and promote your blog post.• Put an upsell offer on your free download page. • Email past clients and ask them if they need anything.• Email past customers and let them know what you have for sale (personally or as a group). • Ask your best clients or customers for referrals or if they can refer you to someone who might be interested in your services or products. • Setup and run an ad. • Do a giveaway on your website, promoting and linking to the product being given awayThat list is for starters! You’ll think of your own moneymaker tasks as you get practiced in this.

I hope these examples give you some ideas and inspire you to get out there inviting the world to participate in what you do best!

Come on into the group and share what you come up with

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