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Booming-preneurs! - Review Results
March 20, 2018

How did you do last week?

Take a look through your stats and figure out if there is anything you can repeat this week or at a later date. NEVER let something slip through that you could reuse, especially when it worked well! That stuff is golden.

As you review your results of last week, if you’re motivated and have time you can also get a jump on this week. You will be doing the same pattern as last: one task tomorrow, two the next day and three the next day.


We will also be learning some new skills so if you want to wait...

Either way, post your results from the first round of tasks in the group...

The good and the not so good...

The good so we can celebrate your wins!

The not-so-good so we can help with ideas to improve your offer.

Have a blessed day!


P.S. Meet another fabulous woman entrepreneur.

Janna - aka The Lemon Cat - makes the most wonderful all natural soaps.

They are the only soaps I use now.

She did a guest post on my blog last year outlining how her hobby became her business

Check it out here...

Making Soap...How My Hobby Became My Business by The Lemon Cat

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