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Booming-preneurs! - The Big Success Secret
January 24, 2018

Just back from speaking in Las Vegas! And spending time with some of the best marketers on the planet. So much to share. And we'll get to all of it. I promise. But first....

I'm not sure where you found me butchances are it was on a social media site.







And every day I meet people who tell me..

"Melodieann..I want to do business like you do.

You seem to be having so much FUN and it looks SO EASY..

But whenever I try it, it doesn't work....

I spend hours and hours a day on all the sites but I have NO LIST and most importantly NO SALES"

I feel the pain of folks that tell me stuff like this.

You see the problem is that most people use social media ALL WRONG



Now you gotta understand ...

I was one of the lucky ones...

I found a place to learn how to use ALL of the tools to my advantage.

And I shared this information with everyone I knew.

I was BEGGING people to PAY ATTENTION because I KNEW that fortunes would be made.

And I was DEAD ON.

It was GLORIOUS!!!

And still is...if you know what you are doing.

Yeah...a lot of people will say social media marketing doesn't work...

But I promise you...

Those guys have NO CLUE what they are talking about.

Now I have the opportunity to once again share the cutting edge of social media marketing

But it's important so listen up....

I want to introduce you to one of my social media mentors...

Erin Burch

Erin is going to be hosting a free training on Facebook Messenger Marketing

I want you to go sign up and WATCH IT

What she teaches is the biggest problem I see 99% of people on Facebook having...

They are approaching prospects ALL WRONG and wasting valuable time...

But most importantly...many are SERIOUSLY damaging their REPUTATIONS.

So I am INSISTING that you go learn from Erin

You will find she is NOT slick...

NOT a guru...

Not like many of the others you have seen in these types of webinars.

Erin is just a salt of the earth SMARTY PANTS when it comes to this stuff.

And I feel she is an excellent fit for folks like us who are not the flashiest crowd.

She is a pleasure to be around and a really nice person.

And MAN does she know her stuff!!!!

So go watch her


Webinar Registration

And then we'll visit on this stuff later in the week.


Gym time.



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