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Boomingpreneurs - What Worked? What Didn't?
March 24, 2018

How did you do with the challenge?

How many offers did you make? If you completed each task, you should have made 12 offers of various types. Did you hit that goal? If not, that's okay. This challenge was just meant to get you in the habit of making an offer every day.

If you made some offers, what were the results? Were you a moneymaker?

Take a look through your stats and figure out if there is anything you can repeat at a later date. NEVER let something slip through that you could reuse, especially when it worked well! That stuff is golden.

Were there some things that didn't work the first week that you changed and used this week? Did the revisions make a difference?

This review step is very important. It will help you complete the last task of the challenge tomorrow.

I'd love to hear your results. Share in the group if you like. Or if you prefer, just email me.

Have a blessed day!


P.S. I've been talking a lot lately about the impact becoming an author has had on my business. If you think this might also be something that interests you, you will want to hear my conversation with another fabulous woman editor Gwendolyn Crews Weiler.

Click here to tune in!

Interview with Gwendolyn Crews Weiler

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