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Boomingpreneurs - You Only Have Seconds
May 17, 2018

Imagine the scene..

You arrive at a networking event and as you enter, someone wildly rushes up to you. With a forced smile and a quick greeting, she practically forces her business card into your hand.

A few banal pleasantries later and some fake compliments...

A quick "Call me if you need my services. My number is on my card!"

And she's off...

Before you can even have a meaningful conversation...

Because to her it's really all about, "me, Me, ME!!

Buy my stuff! Hey YOU! Buy my stuff!!!!"

"Hey, how ya doin' today? Nice tie! Wow, red's a great color on you! Have we met? Here, take my card, I can help you!"

You've met this person.

You probably have her business card somewhere!

You've seen it happen, maybe at more than one meeting. It's pathetic and irritating all at the same time. Talk about the opposite of effective networking!

You only have seconds to make an impression. Think about what your prospects see when they first interact with you

When you meet someone, are you neatly dressed and professional looking?

Do you convey confidence and skill?

Do you engage in real conversation, getting to know people before making your pitch?

If you find that you are not quite projecting the image you want, now is the time to change it.

Hire a coach. Take some training. If you can't afford it, then ask colleagues or friends for help.

Examine your image and plan your strategy for improvement.

Take the steps necessary to stand out in the crowd in a GOOD way.

Be the person everyone WANTS to meet...not the one everyone tries to avoid.

Listening to podcasts is a great way to begin your journey. These are my favorites!



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