Getting To Yes: Overcoming Network Marketing Objections

Network Marketing? Is this one of those pyramid things? Are you crazy? Aren’t those illegal?  No one makes any money with network marketing.  That’s just a scam!

These are just a few of the reactions I get when I present my business opportunity to my prospects.  I admit it can be frustrating.  I meet someone who is looking for a way to make some extra income.  I talk to them, get to know them, build a trusting relationship with them.  I know in my heart that I can help them.  And they seem receptive.  They want what I have.  I can see it in their eyes, hear it in their voice. They like me.  They trust me.  We are both excited about the possibilities ahead.  And then…the objection bomb falls.  It’s discouraging.   

And it’s worse when it comes from a family member or friend.  They KNOW what you do.  They have seen that it works.  They should know I care about their well-being and want to see them succeed.  And yet the objections come.  It’s like being slapped in the face.   

But there are hundreds of reasons to join a network marketing business. You have been downsized and can't find a new job. You would like to retire but can't afford to. Your health won't allow you to continue in your current job and you don't know what else to do. You would like to spend more time with your children.  You have to replace the income of an ailing spouse.  Or maybe you’re just tired of working all day for someone half your age that makes 3x what you do. But whatever your reason for starting your own business, the number one reason to try network marketing is this - it works!

This is what prompted me to write my book. "Getting To Yes" will help you overcome the most common network marketing objections.  It is provides easy tips to help you not only answer that "pyramid thing" question, but many others as well.

If you are not into Network Marketing, after reading this book you will probably have a strong desire to change that. Not only does Melodieann know her stuff, it is very clear to us that the many years she has been in this area have endowed her with a wealth of knowledge which she effortlessly communicates to us through the pages of this delightful book. If you are wondering if this book is for you, look into your bank account first and decide if it has any more room for money. If the answer is “yes,” buy this book!

Andy W. Shepherd, Peak Performance and Breakthrough Coach

Network Marketing is a business model and it's a good one. Darn it, every time I hear someone say it's just a scam or it's one of those pyramid schemes, the hairs on my head stand on edge. Then along comes Melodieann Whiteley's "Getting To Yes: Overcoming Network Marketing Objections" and I get to stand up and cheer. She takes you from Fear to Confidence in a way that will give you the power to excel in this industry - with your head held high. Read the book, take it with you, share it with others and become a leader in your own right. Then say thank you to Melodieann and ask her when she's writing her next book. You will want  that one as well.

Heshie Segal, author, speaker, coach, Founder,, Founder, A Kid's Better World, Founder, Puritii For Humanity

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Getting To Yes: Overcoming Network Marketing Objections is your path to help you increase your odds of business success.

That is a great explanation of what Network Marketing is. I have people tell me all time that my company is nothing but a PYRAMID. It makes me mad. I work my business as much as I want and make as much money as I want. I have paid off student loans and credit cards because of my hardwork. For only $99, I became the CEO of my business and haven't looked back. It has been 5 years and I can't imagine what the next five years holds.

Thanks for presenting the truth of Network Marketing.

Mitzi Lane, Independent Senior Director, Thirty One Gifts

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