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Ninja Marketers - AAAGGGHHH!!!
February 28, 2019


I am such a scatterbrain sometimes.

I have been so busy off running around with the family I completely forgot to email you and tell you some IMPORTANT STUFF.

First of all...

If you didn't catch last night's MLSP webinar, you need to do it tonight.

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They are launching something BIG...

This is where I learned my craft...Taught me EVERYTHING I know.

So when they offered a new service, I was all in!And when they said we could invite others, well....that's a no brainer!

Yes, there's a cost. But it's time to decide...


If so, be on the webinar tonight

Mine are so I was there last night and I hope I will see you there tonight.

Next thing...

If you don't know what MLSP is, find out with a $10 trial.

You'll see why this is the best place to be to learn to build your business...

ANY business...ANY niche.

If you don't want to invest money in the trial, then that's fine. We won't make it free. If you aren't willing to invest $10 in yourself, you probably wouldn't do anything with a free trial either.

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Last thing...

I said I was gonna hide out on private calls only until after I launched Ninja Bootcamp...

Well Bootcamp is up and running and it is now time to get down to other things.

I recently threw up a blog post.

I've been told I'm not controversial enough. What do you think?

Check it out and tell me what you think!.

Ok..I need to go get ready.

I am making dinner for some lady friends..

Ravioli Lasagna!

So much fun with great company!

See you tonight on the webinar. up and see what we got.

This webinar is all bout YOU and helping you get to the next level.

We can only help if you SHOW UP.

Have a great day,



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