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Ninja Marketers - Create Products with Customer Surveys
September 23, 2018

Infoproducts are part of your content. And hopefully you have already done the research to know the content strategies you need to keep current customers interested and convince potential customers to buy. You already know what their questions and pain points are. Address them in a report or ebook.

But if you haven't quite figured that out yet, a simple survey can be the answer.

Before you can deliver the right product to your customers, you have to figure out what they want. Answer the right questions. Which means asking them the right questions. Then address their questions and concerns and sell them the answer.

Like my friend who had so many questions about creating an affiliate marketing program for his product....

He had questions. Lots of them.

I did enough research to determine that plenty of other people did too.

I found the answers they were looking for, put it together in an ebook...

And sold it.

I was fortunate that someone came to me with specific questions.

But if you don't have anyone asking you...


A quick survey can give you all the information you need to create your next infoproduct.

It doesn't need to be long. Sometimes 2-5 questions will give you all the information you need.

It depends on the type of questions you ask.

I am not an expert on everyone's business model so I won't presume to tell you what those should be.

But I can give you some basic guidelines:

1. Start the survey clearly stating what the incentive is and how they can enter to win.

Yes, you want to offer a reward for completing your survey. You want people to actually participate don't you?

The prize doesn't have to be expensive. But do offer something to compensate them for their time.

And make sure you tell them how they enter to win (email address! Let's do a little list building while we're at this!)

2. Include at leas 1 or 2 open-ended questions that allow for broader, more personalized feedback.

3. Make "Other" a possible answer on every single question and provide a comment box for the participant to explain.

4. Require that participants answer every single question, even if it means checking N/A.

5. Avoid biases in the questions. Phrasing should be neutral and should not lead participants to a particular answer.

6. Include a variety of different question formats: multiple choice, ranking, and open-ended so the survey doesn't become boring.

7. Include a progress bars, so participants can track how far along they are in the survey. A progress bar can lead to a higher completion rate.

8. Always test the survey and reword the questions testers find confusing or misleading. You have an entire FB group of people you can use as your beta testers!

9. Don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you need. The more feedback you have to work with, the more indepth and valuable your infoproduct will be.

10. Don't make questions overly wordy or complicated. Keep it simple.

11. Don't combine two questions into one in an effort to shorten the survey length.

Creating Your Survey

There are several survey providers available. Many of them offer free options for conducting a basic survey. However "free" also means "limitations." Certain questions structures and design options are unavailable without a paid membership. But if you are only doing a one-time short survey, a free service should handle your needs.

As far as which survey provider to use, I like SurveyMonkey.

And no, I don't get compensated for saying so. I genuinely just like their service.

That's it for today! Next we'll look at how to get people to actually open and complete your survey.

Till then...


Survey Monkey

*Yes, I receive commission when products and services featured are purchased. It's the law that I tell you that I make some money every time someone buys them.

I have personally used everything I mention in my newsletters. That is not a law. It's just the fact that I won't recommend something I haven't used just to make a buck. However, it IS a law that I tell you that just because they work well for me, your results may differ.

I make money using these products. You may or may not.

But I share them with you just in case...

Because you never know what might be that last little piece that is the key to your success!

I do it because I truly do want you to succeed!

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I take those responsibilities very seriously...

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