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Ninja Marketers - Ways to Market Affiliate Products: Epic Content
July 16, 2018

Today we are going to capitalize on your social media skills. You have a following. They know, like and trust you. They listen when you recommend something. So why not share your affiliate products.

Now we don't do this with a typical "Buy my stuff. Here's my link." type of post.

What we use is content.

For example, I am an affiliate for a site that sells PLR material. I'm a fan. I frequently use it. But many people don't know what PLR is or how to use it.

I can help them with that.

I created a Facebook post that explained what it was. I gave one or two examples on how I use it. And at the end of my epic PLR content post, I provided a link to a site where they could purchase PLR for their own use.

My affiliate link.

Content posts work for any type of affiliate product. But it works especially well if you can create content that provides a solution to a problem.

Problem: I don't always have time to create my own fabulous content.

Solution: Purchasing PLR content to rebrand and use as your own.

By the way: Here's where I purchase the PLR I use. Check it out.

It does work best on Facebook since you can go into more depth. But it is possible to post good content on Twitter and Instagram. So use the platform that works best for you.

Your task for today is to promote an affiliate product using a social media content post.

Share a link to your post in the group!


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