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Ninja Marketers - Identify Your Story
June 27, 2018

I recently wrote out my story again.

The story where I was a working mom, caring for her father who had Alzheimers, working at a job that required lots of travel and DESPERATE to quit and find a way to work from home, to be there for my dad.

The “straw that broke the camel’s back” was when I had to place him in a retirement home for the weekend so I could go out of town. My husband was also out of town for his job. My daughters were spending the weekend with grandma but there was no way she could also look after my dad. I had only been traveling about an hour when I called to see how he was doing, only to be told that they had let him walk out the front door and had no idea where he was. I think that was one of worst days of my life. Of course, I immediately turned around and headed back home. And fortunately, they had found him even before I got back. So I just packed him up and took him with me. Not ideal but fortunately, it worked out okay - that time. It could have been a much sadder story.

I think the worst part of having a job, for me, is not being able to be there for your family when they need you. I think I wouldn’t be so “anti-job” (yes, I said it) if there was a way to be employed but ALSO have freedom. There’s gotta be a way, but most employers are not willing to let go of that control.

Anyway… point is… my story, it’s a feeler. Working mom. Caring for parent. Job requires travel. Dad goes missing. Every bit of my story is relatable to many and also would evoke emotion in most.

For many of my generation, caring for aging parents is a fact of life, and not being able to be there for one key moment in time would get to even the most unsentimental of people (and I’m really not overly sentimental or traditional).

You might THINK your story is boring, or won’t evoke emotion if it’s not quite as dramatic as mine but I’m willing to bet there is something very, very relatable about your journey!

I’d love to brainstorm how to present your story a bit, if you like. Come post in the group and tell us what you THINK your story is… we’ll probe a bit and see if we can dig out any great gems from it. If you just KNOW your story already, write it down and you’re done with today’s task.

Either way come share where you’re at and we’ll mark you down as complete on this task.

Talk soon!


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