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Ninja Marketers - Identify Your Strengths
June 26, 2018

Building on what we talked about in day one, item one and determining what people say about you, I want you to take this even further.

If you decided what you wanted people to know about you or like about you… was one of those your strength? How so? Write this out in detail…

If you didn’t list a strength in Day 1, then now is the time. What are you REALLY good at? Don’t say there’s nothing. There’s always something and usually we’re too close to the situation to know so you might need to ask a few people that know you well. And you can have multiple strengths but there’s usually one theme that overlooks them all.

Here are some of my own strengths. Start to list yours out and see what comes up:

• Conversation – I can talk and I usually engage people and make them feel comfortable.

• Writing – I do much the same in writing as in person, and more often via writing because of my business.

• Community – As part of my business I bring people together a lot for various reasons.

• Clarity – I can get clear on what needs to be done and do it. That in itself is a big skill to have when we are bombarded with info that it can stop us in our tracks.

• Patience – I’m good at teaching and training because I’m patient. I know it takes time and I’m willing to wait because I know what I’m teaching is worth the time it takes to “get it”.

I hope that gives you some ideas on what your strengths are! Come post in the group, okay?


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