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Ninja Marketers - Infoproducts
September 04, 2018

Now before you start panicking thinking you don’t have any idea what to do….

Or start groaning because you think infoproducts are already overdone…

Let me tell you this…

They aren’t and you can.

I want to share something that I have heard Ken Evoy say many times.

Everyone knows something that someone else will pay for. They might pay to learn it from you. They might pay to buy it from you. They might pay to have you use your expertise on their behalf. But in one form or another, there are people out there that will pay for what you know.

So if you think you don’t have anything worth sharing, guess again. But that being said, here’s the real beauty of infoproducts. You don’t need to be an expert in anything to teach others about it! You see, we have another option. You can rely on the expertise and experience of others!

What’s even more exciting is this…

Audio and visual content sells at a higher price than written words. And audio and video are the easiest ways to capitalize on someone else’s knowledge.

So we’re going to start talking about infoproducts by looking at ways to create one that require absolutely no knowledge on your part.

All you have to do is pick one and do it!


Here we go…

1. Interview the experts. Record the interviews. This can be done via audio with platforms such as Instant Teleseminar or using video with tools such as Zoom. Do an extensive interview. You want to produce a quality product. Get action steps and insights. Answers to common questions. Resources. And don’t be afraid to approach your experts. You would be amazed at the people that would love to give you an interview. (Tip: We authors LOVE to give interviews. It helps us sell more books!) Once you have the interviews, organize them into a useful product, slap a price tag on it, and go promote it!

P.S. If you transcribe your interviews, you can use the transcriptions to create another product. Check out Mike Litman’s book “Conversations with Millionaires.” It is simply transcriptions of his interviews with several millionaires. And it sold like CRAZY! (Yes, I have a copy.)

2. Use PLR products. That what these are created for. Buy them, revamp them, rebrand them, and then resell them.

3. Find popular questions and answer them. What is your target market struggling with? If you’re not sure, ask them! Once you have 10 – 20 of their most pressing questions, research and write the answers. Put them all together into a report or ebook and sell it.

4. Record a webinar. Again, if you don’t think you have enough expertise to share, invite two or three experts to be on a panel. Many webinar platforms will allow viewers to ask questions. Record it. Sell it. (And again, if you transcribe it – that’s another product.)

5. Film a seminar. If you aren’t up to hosting your own, partner with someone who is. They present. You film. Create a product. Sell it. Split the money!

6. Share your skills. Are you really good at designing jewelry? Gourmet cooking? Web design? ANYTHING?! Teach people and record it.

7. Remix. There is a ton of information out there. Some of it is old. Some of it is not in an ideal format. Give old information new form. And don’t think that just because this information is available elsewhere that yours won’t be valuable and sellable.

Take this training for example. I promise you that you could find most of what I’m teaching online somewhere. But you would have to search. Read through lots of information to find what was useful to you. It’s much easier to let someone else put all that together for you. Then all you have to do is open one email every day or two and follow the instructions.

Your assignment for today…

Choose one of these formats for creating an infoproduct and get started on it. We’ll be going over each one in more depth so don’t be afraid. Choose the one that seems like the best fit for you.

Post your choice in the group so we know what we’ll be looking forward to purchasing from you soon!


*Yes, I receive commission when products and services featured are purchased. It's the law that I tell you that I make some money every time someone buys them.

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