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Ninja Marketers - Need A Little Inspiration?
March 26, 2019

Hey ...

Need a little inspiration this week?

I don't know about where you are but here in Arkansas it's been a bit DREARY and everyone is just kinda tired and poopy.

It's the "holidays are over but it's not summer yet" period that brings the doldrums and I have to admit to you that it got me this past week.

I was all sniffly and ear-achy and largely unmotivated and it's times like this that I am SO GLAD I built myself a business years ago that I can depend on now when I hit periods like this..

I have to tell you that generally after I go into a slump I come back swinging and swinging hard

So here are a few pieces that you may find helpful.


Practice What You Preach

This is something that stops even the smartest business people DEAD in their tracks.

Why? Because too many don't actually do it.

Next up...

How Brainstorming Improves Creativity

And no...I'm not talking about those awful group brainstorming sessions! Remember those awful meetings?

And then this little piece I whipped up last February during another dreary day...

Achieve Inner Peace and Focus with These 6 Strategies

You MUST read it.

By the way, if you KNOW that you have the goods and you have been looking for somewhere that can provide you with the ENVIRONMENT that you can grow and lead in...

Stay tuned.

There are some big things coming that are for ANY home or small business owner who wants to learn how to EXPAND their business.

This is not designed to distract but to ENHANCE what you have going on and to teach you to think in completely new and creative ways that will help you SCORE at the business YOU love.

The answer to your success does not lie in me, in a guru or in a system...

It lies in YOU.

And I am here to help you find YOUR GENIUS.

Who wants to make their mark and then help pass along the LEGACY of what they have learned?

So enjoy the pieces I left for you...

Definitely leave me some comments and share stuff with your buddies if it turns you on...

And I'll be in touch VERY SOON with news for you.

Have a blessed Tuesday.



Practice What You Preach
How Brainstorming Improves Creativity
Achieve Inner Peace and Focus With These 6 Strategies

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