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Ninja Marketers - Monetizing Your Blog
December 29, 2018

Hopefully, you have all set up a blog by now.

For those of you that have one, it can be an additional source of income. How?

Several ways!

1. Affiliate marketing

Blog posts can contain affiliate links.

When I do a post about a cool new tool, I post the my affiliate link.

When I'm teaching a skill, if there is something I can recommend that will make it easier, I post my affiliate link.

I will post product or book reviews and post my affiliate link.

2. Google AdSense

Let Google display ads on your blog and you can earn money.

You can get paid based on impressions and on clicks.

I am not the AdSense pro although I do have it on my blog.

But Joel Comm has a book called Google AdSense Secrets 6.0. It explains everything you ever wanted to know about AdSense. It's a bit of an oldie but you might still find it on Amazon.

3. Paid Reviews

Paid reviews are when a business sends you their product and pays you to write a review about it. Your blog needs to be generating a decent amount of traffic before this is an option.

4. Banner ads

Banner ads are just what they sound like. They're ads you place in a banner style on your blog. The business sponsoring the ad will often pay you monthly to keep the ad up on your site.

5. Promoting your own products, books, and services

Next to my email list, my blog is an important promotional tool. Everything I promote is shared with my readers. If it's something new or exciting, I'll dedicate an entire post to it.

If you really want to hone your blogging skills, I recommend you follow two people. Get on their mailing lists. Buy their stuff. Do what they do.

Ray Higdon who generates almost all of his leads from his blog.

ProBlogger (Darren Rowse) who makes a VERY nice living from his two blogs. Make sure you get on the list for his next 31 Days to Build a Better Blog program. Couldn't believe the difference in my traffic in just 31 days following his advice.

Haven't started your blog yet? It's not too late!

Blogger is a free platform and EASY to use.

Happy blogging!


*Yes, I receive commission when products and services featured are purchased. It's the law that I tell you that I make some money every time someone buys them.

I have personally used everything I mention in my newsletters. That is not a law. It's just the fact that I won't recommend something I haven't used just to make a buck. However, it IS a law that I tell you that just because they work well for me, your results may differ.

I make money using these products. You may or may not.

But I share them with you just in case...

Because you never know what might be that last little piece that is the key to your success!

I do it because I truly do want you to succeed!

You have entrusted me with your information and given me permission to communicate with you regularly.

You trusted me to share information with you designed to help you build and grow...and you trusted me NOT to share your information with anyone else.

I take those responsibilities very seriously...

And anytime you feel I have not lived up to those responsibilities, just scroll down and hit the unsubscribe button.

No hard feelings. We'll still be friends.

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