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Ninja Marketers - Design a Sales Page for Your Group Program
November 10, 2018

You’ll need a sales page to convince potential clients to sign up for your group coaching program. Despite what you may have been told, a sales page isn’t about scamming visitors or pressuring them to buy something they don’t want.

A sales page can be as simple as presenting your offer in the best possible light and inviting your community to take the next step with you. No pressure. No glaring graphics or spammy techniques. Here’s how to get started…

Choose Your Software

There are lots of software options when it comes to designing your sales page. If you have a WordPress theme that includes a landing page template, then you can use that to create your sales page right inside your dashboard.

If you don’t have WordPress or if you’d like other options, you might want to consider a service like LeadPages or InstaPage. Services like these simplify your landing page creation and make it a breeze to place different elements like text, pictures, and headlines exactly where you want them.

Introduce Your Program

A blank landing page can feel intimidating but don’t let it get to you. Start by introducing your program to readers. Imagine your best friend just asked you about your cool new offering. What would you tell her? How would you describe it? What features would you highlight?

Show Off Your Smarts

After you’ve introduced your program, you should add your bio and a picture of yourself. Make sure to tweak your biography so it shows visitors why you’re the perfect coach to learn from.

For example, if your program is about WordPress then mention that you spent years designing WordPress themes and plugins. This highlights your experience and makes readers more likely to buy from you.

Give an Overview of the Program

Now it’s time to go in-depth about your program. Explain exactly what potential clients can expect like how you’ll be delivering their materials, what tools and templates you’ve included, and how you’ve broken the content down into modules or subjects.

Talk about the Group

Tell your potential clients about your group. Show them how motivating and encouraging it is to take this journey with friends. Explain how group members can support each other and provide fresh ideas when you’re stuck.

Ask for the Sale

Once you’ve covered everything, there’s one thing left to do—ask for the sale! You want to put down a buy button, your signature, and a picture of yourself. The signature and picture help you to earn trust so don’t skip these elements.

You don’t have to limit it to just one buy button. If you want, you can consider adding another payment button that allows clients to pay you in smaller amounts throughout the year. Just make sure those who can pay in one payment get the best deal.

Remember, your sales page doesn’t have to feel icky or slimy. Instead, focus on serving your readers and creating the best community you can.

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