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Ninja Marketers - I Am So Sorry...
June 02, 2019

If you have been trying to reach me and I haven't gotten back to you...


Two days ago I released the news that I was building a downline again and sent people to see what I am up to at Work With Melodieann and the response has been overwhelming.

I had over 50 messages waiting for me when we got back from Tulsa.

I will get to everyone of course...

But I want to APOLOGIZE to you if you called or messaged and I have not gotten back to you yet.

Once people saw what I am up to things went NUTS!

So if you already signed up, know that I am calling you first.

Then I'll be following up with the seriously interested folks.

If you are in one of those categories, you'll be hearing from me tomorrow.

Otherwise...accept my apology and hang tight.

I'll be with you as soon as humanly possible.

I know I said I was only looking for 4 people, but that has changed, due to the response!

Of course...if you already have a program that you are doing well with, you are absolutely invited to all my training so no worries if you are not looking for something at this point...

But if you are...act now.

Once I close in on my team, I am going to put them throughrigorous training.

This close up training WILL NOT be available later on.

This is only for early action takers.

OK..I am going to go try to get some rest...


If you do sign up, send me an email right away with the subject line CALL ME WOMAN all in caps.

I will call you tomorrow to get you all set.


P.S. Great new post on the blog. The last in my series on self-esteem.

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5 Smart Self-Esteem Builders

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