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Ninja Marketers - Tackling the Tiny Details: Making Sure Your Group Coaching Program Runs Smoothly
October 22, 2018

Now that you’ve designed the framework of your group, it’s time to fill in some of the smaller details. Do this in advance so, you can create a group coaching program that runs smoothly and doesn’t take up hours of your time each day. Here’s what you need to tackle before your launch…

Decide How Often You’ll Meet

This is going to depend on the coaching program you’re creating. If you’ve created a program around learning WordPress in 8 weeks, then weekly meetings make sense and would be appreciated by your members.

But you don’t have to go the weekly route. Sometimes, it might be better to have monthly meetups. For example, if your group is based around an income goal like earning six figures, then a monthly meetup is a great way to encourage members to review the previous month’s earnings and make sure they’re still on track.

Choose Where You’ll Gather

Once you’ve decided on the frequency of your meetings, you’ll need to come up with a way to host them. Fortunately, there are dozens of websites designed to help you stay in touch with your community. Some of the most popular options for online meetings are Zoom, GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, and Google Hangouts.

Before you pick a service, think about what features you may need. Will you need a screen-sharing option? Do you want to record meetings and post them to your website or group later? Could you use a file-sharing feature?

Consider Bringing in Help

When you’re running a group coaching program, it’s easy to spend most of your time at your desk. You can easily spend hours answering questions, posting to social media, and starting group discussions.

While nurturing your group is important, you can’t let it take over your life. That’s why you need to consider bringing in a virtual assistant you trust. The VA can answer basic questions (and forward the ones you need to personally answer), schedule social media updates for you, and begin group discussions. Then you’ll be free to step away from your desk and relax.

Set Up a Tracking System or Template

Some groups are going to flow best if you have a tracking system in place. For example, each member of your group posts their business goals to a special Trello board just for the group. Then you and the members can cheer each other on.

If your group is focused on earning six figures, then create a special template. Encourage each member to fill out the template monthly so they can chart their progress as their income grows.

Keep in mind that not every group needs tracking or templates. If your group was created to teach members how to use WordPress, then a tracking system may get in the way and prevent members from taking action.

Getting these details squared away can free you up to focus on your new coaching program. But don’t feel like your choices are set in stone either. You can always adjust your course as you discover what works best for your group.

Next we'll design a sales page for your program!


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