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Ninja Marketers - Top 10 Things You Can Do On a "Wintry Mix" Day
February 11, 2019

They say it might snow this week. Well, ok...we don't really get much snow. We get "wintry mix" which is worse in a lot of ways.

If I was still working my old job, I'd be stressing. Even though I have 4-wheel drive, I would not want to get out in that crap and drive. I'm from NE Pennsylvania. I can handle it. But people in the South are totally clueless when it comes to winter driving. So I'd be praying that it wouldn't be bad...or that it would be bad enough for my boss to close the office.

Fortunately, I no longer have to worry about it. But I can remember how much I took advantage of those unexpected days off in the early days of creating my business.

So here's my top 10 list of things you can do in a single "snow" day (or other random day off from the norm) to move your online businessforward...

1.Set up an autoresponder series (I use Aweber), and write 4 or 5 follow-up messages about a topic you know well.

2.Search for Twitter followers in your industry, and introduce yourself to them

3.Create a Facebook fan page to highlight you as an authority on your topic

4.Write a 7 page report about a resource that you find helpful

5.Set up a blog (I use Blogger) and create 3 posts talking about what you know

6.Hold a webinar (even if nobody else is listening) answering the top 5 questions people have about what your business provides. No audience? No problem. Record it and share it later.

7.Create a video reviewing a product or service thatyou are already using

8.Write 3 articles about what you know that can connect people to a solution

9.Create and upload a YouTube video that reviews a product

10.Create or expand your LinkedIn profile to get more visibility in the best professionally-focused social network

Time's ticking - pick one and go for it!


p.s. One other thing you can do is spend some time reading marketing blogs in an area that interests you.

I have one you might like:

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Boomer Business Coach
5 Ways To Get Noticed in a Noisy World

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