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Ninja Marketers - Become a Published Author With Your Own Ebook
January 09, 2019

I know...

You were beginning to wonder if I was ever going to finish this challenge...

Well, the truth is...

I have been looking for a way to teach you how to create your own ebook that looked professional...

And didn't cost a lot of money.

It took me a little bit, but I found it.And it is easy - in fact, I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier.

I mean I use this tool everyday for other things.So I'm not sure why it took so long to remember that it will create beautiful ebooks.

I created one last night as a matter of fact. I've downloaded it to my website and included the link to it so you can see just how easy it is to create a great looking ebook. I haven't officially done anything with it yet so this is for your eyes only. A sneak preview!

What is this wonderful tool you ask?


That's right...Canva!

Now before I explain why Canva is the perfect tool, let me explain why an ebook is a perfect complement to your multiple streams of income strategy.

First, obviously, you can sell it and make money. Lots of people read ebooks today. Many prefer them over print books. So ebooks can become part of your income stream.

Now, the one I did last night is a little skimpy on content so I don't know if I would charge for it. It was just an experiment to see how it turned out. But - it's still good stuff! So I will use it in other ways.

You can use your new ebook as a bonus for other offers. If you are an affiliate marketer, you can add your ebook as a bonus to set your offer apart from others who might me promoting the same product.

You can offer it as a reward for joining your email list.

You can use it as a lead magnet for your business.

You can create several short ebooks around a particular topic and sell them as a bundle.

You can create an audio or video product around the topic and add the ebook as bonus material.

You can use it as a tool to increase your credibility.

Are you beginning to see the possibilities? Great!

Now...why Canva?

First, it's free, unless you add premium images.

Second, it creates your book in PDF format. No need to convert.

Third, you can include live links in your copy.

Fourth, it's simple and the ebooks look amazing!

So how did I dash off an ebook in one evening?

I took the blog posts from a series I had done as part of an earlier challenge. Remember the Radical Giver Challenge? I used those blog posts as the basis for my book.I expanded on each one just a bit. Added some images. Included some questions at the end of each chapter. Designed a pretty cool cover (I think anyway :)

And Boom! Instant ebook!

If I can do it, so can you!

So come on all you wannabe authors...

Let's write an ebook!


P.S. Speaking of great books...check out the latest Success Story blog post with Elizabeth Wallace, author of Free College!

My New Ebook

Success Stories: Meet Elizabeth Wallace

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