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Ninja Marketers - Your First Infoproducts
September 12, 2018

What is PLR? Simply put, PLR is information created by someone else that you purchase with specific rights to the information. You are buying information someone else developed that you can use as long as you abide by the licensing agreement.

It's important to be sure you know exactly what that licensing agreement allows. Some allow you to sell the information. Some only allow you to give it away. You want to be sure you aren't doing anything illegal.

PLR, like network marketing, has gotten a bad reputation. And just like network marketing, that reputation is largely undeserved. Yes, there is a lot of crap out there. But there is also some very high quality PLR you can purchase.

But even high quality PLR can be worth very little if you use it exactly as is.

So how do you use PLR to create your own product?

Let me share an example.

Some time ago, I was asked about creating affiliate products. Now I have participated in affiliate marketing, but I have never had affiliates for my own products. But I saw a need. So I bought a high quality piece of PLR in which I used the content as a guide for an email course. I rewrote about 50% of the information, added in some of my own original content, branded it with a unique title and sold the crap out of it!

Editing the original information is a MUST DO. Especially if you want the product to have your "voice".

You can add information, extract information, combine it with other PLR or your own original content and create your own original infoproducts.

You can also record the information and sell the recordings. Once you rework the information to your liking, you can record yourself reading the content to create your own audio or video products.

Once you have your product created, all that's left is to promote it. And you know how to do that!

So go ahead and grab some PLR and create your very own infoproduct!

Once you have it ready, you can promote it ONCE only in the Ninja Marketers FB group!

Can't wait to see what you come up with...


OMG! I almost forgot! Where to get PLR?

Here are two of my favorite sources

White Label Perks
Master PLR

*Yes, I receive commission when products and services featured are purchased. It's the law that I tell you that I make some money every time someone buys them.

I have personally used everything I mention in my newsletters. That is not a law. It's just the fact that I won't recommend something I haven't used just to make a buck. However, it IS a law that I tell you that just because they work well for me, your results may differ.

I make money using these products. You may or may not.

But I share them with you just in case...

Because you never know what might be that last little piece that is the key to your success!

I do it because I truly do want you to succeed!

You have entrusted me with your information and given me permission to communicate with you regularly.

You trusted me to share information with you designed to help you build and grow...and you trusted me NOT to share your information with anyone else.

I take those responsibilities very seriously...

And anytime you feel I have not lived up to those responsibilities, just scroll down and hit the unsubscribe button.

No hard feelings. We'll still be friends.

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