If You Have Diabetes, Weight Loss Can Help

Diabetes and weight loss.  We've been hearing the news for years.  If you have diabetes and are overweight, you need to lose the excess pounds.  It will help lower your blood sugar and improve your health.  It can even help get you off insulin and other medications. 

While Ariix's Slenderiix products are proven to help with weight loss, it is important never to start a diet or exercise program without first consulting your doctor, especially if are diabetic.  When you're dieting, your blood sugar, insulin, and medications need to be closely monitored because they can change.  But no matter how overweight you might be, losing weight can significantly reduce your blood sugar levels and your dependence on insulin and medication.

Losing weight can also help prevent you from developing diabetes.  A National Institutes of Health study found that a combination of diet and exercise cuts the risk of developing diabetes by 58%. The study involved people who were overweight (average body mass index of 34) and who had high -- but not yet diabetic -- blood sugar levels.  Losing as little as 10 pounds can help reduce blood sugar and lower blood pressure.  Not to mention the stress it takes off your hips and knees!  I've lost 40 pounds on the Slenderiix program and have stopped taking any medication for my arthritis.

If you have type 2 diabetes and you're overweight, you should get started as soon as possible on a weight loss plan.  Check with your doctor before starting.  Don't try to lose weight on your own.  This is very important if you are diabetic.  It can be very challenging to cut calories when you have to eat to manage your low blood sugar. 

Losing weight is not easy. Don't let that stop you.  This is your health and well-being.  Do whatever you have to in order to get motivated and stay motivated.  Setting realistic weight goals, eating a healthy diet, being more active, keeping food records, and monitoring blood sugar levels are all a vital part of the diabetic weight loss program.  With the advice and support of your doctor, it can be done.  There are also diabetes support groups who may be able to provide information.  And check out the American Diabetes Association website for more information on diet and weight loss for diabetics.  Even if you are finding weight loss difficult, eating fewer calories and getting regular physical activity improves blood sugar levels, independent of weight.