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Let’s keep this simple, ok? I want you to whip through this and be saying “OK, that was easy. What’s next?!”

We’re going to do some very simple math.

What’s your income goal? Some people pick a number, and that’s great. Others find it too intimidating to pick a number so instead they say, “I want to start by paying the gas bill, or the car payment, or the mortgage (or all three).” Whatever is most comfortable for you start there.

Once you’ve got your goal, double it.

Yep. Double it.

Think you want to make $3,000 per month? Then your monthly goal I want you to think of is $6000.

You know why, right? There are two very good reasons:

1. You’ll never make enough or hit your goals if you don’t account (a lot) for taxes and expenses.

2. You can’t predict your income and usually we hit lower so you want to aim much HIGHER than your goal, so you can actually HIT your goal.

Now that you’ve got your monthly number multiply that by 12 months. Take that number and divide it by 365 days in a year and you’ve got your daily income goal.

So, for the $6,000 goal here’s the math:

$6,000 x12 = $72,000 / 365 = $197/day

Once you’ve completed the calculation, it's time to find ways to earn money every day.  

Thank you! You are one of the few people who I can genuinely say made a huge difference for me!

Amanda Marie, MojiLife - Moji Mandi