Work the Plan

When you are clear about what you are working for, you are ready to focus on how you are going to get it.  That means becoming familiar with the compensation plan. 

The most basic principle of network marketing is duplication - selling product and recruiting others to sell product and recruit others.  This is what all plans, including ours, are designed to encourage and reward.

You will be paid a percentage of the total sales you generate.  Your rank is based on your personal sales and the sales of everyone you recruit.  Collectively, these people are known as your downline.

If you grow your business steadily, your income will rise month by month. 

You only have to learn the plan once and it will fall into place as you put it into practice.  Taking the time to understand our comp plan will give you the knowledge and confidence to share it with others.

To separate the key points of our plan from the quagmire of jargon and hype provided by others and to ensure you can answer questions correctly, make sure you can answer the following questions:

1,  What will you be paid on your personal sales?

2.  How much personal volume must you have to earn commission on your sales?

3.  What will you be paid on your the people you personally recruit?

4.  What will you be paid on your downline (the people recruited by the people you personally recruit)?

Some additional question to ask yourself:

1. What level on the plan will I aim for?

2. What do I have to do to reach that level?

The most appealing aspect of the plan is that it clearly marks out key mileposts enroute to your destination.  Once you calculate how much time you will allocate to your business and factor in your current skill level, you will be able to set a realistic rank to aim for in your first year.