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I rejoined the network marketing world in 2000.  And I have been with it steadily ever since.  But I am not with the company I started out with then.

Not that it wasn't a good company.  It was.  It still is.  I still earn a nice residual income.  I just don't actively promote it anymore.  Because as good as it was, there was still something missing.

So I kept my eyes open.  I knew that the perfect company for me was out there.  I just had to find it.  I knew exactly what I was looking for.  Great products.  Great comp plan.  Management that cared about the reps.  Support and training.

I found all these things and more in ARIIX.  If you're looking for the same thing, come explore ARIIX for yourself.

The Power of Residual Income

If you have ever been approached to join a network marketing business, you have probably heard the term "residual income."  But what exactly does that mean?  If you didn't understand it thoroughly, chances are you walked away from an opportunity to change your life.

So what exactly is residual income?  Well, it's like this.  Whenever you do work one time and then continue to get paid paid for it afterwards, that is residual income.  For example, I wrote my first book two years ago.  But I continue to earn royalties from it even though it has long been finished.  That is residual income.

It's the same with my network marketing team.  I built my team a long time ago. And they continue to work and build and grow, earning me income every month along they way.  And that is the power of residual income.  I spent a week at the beach for the holidays.  I didn't even check my email and only got on social media to post pictures of the fun I was having.  And then I came home and cashed a $6000 check.  Because my team kept working even when I wasn't.

Now, that doesn't mean I get to sit back, watch TV and eat BonBons all day.  If you are looking for income that will let you make the money with no work at all, let me know when you find it!  No, I do work.  But the difference between me and just about everyone else is that I work on my terms. 

What does that mean?  It means I choose what projects I want to work on.  Right now, I'm writing my second book.  It means I choose who I want to work with.  I admit I'm pretty picky about who joins my team.  It means I choose when I want to work.  When I was at the beach, I didn't work at all.  Now I am focused on finishing my book so I am putting in some hours writing.  But it's hours I choose.

That's the reason most people fail in this business.  They've bought into the myth that all they have to do is recruit a few people and then they are never going to work again.  But a good team requires your attention.  They need to be trained and encouraged.  They need to be guided and motivated.  They need to be kept up to date on the latest marketing tactics.  New products.  New tools.  They need to see you at the head of the team leading them.  And that does take some work.  But it's work you can do on your terms!  And it's work you want to do!  Because once you have built a solid team, you can capitalize on the another benefit. LEVERAGE!!!

What is leverage?  Think of it this way.  Before I went on vacation, I could have made sure all my customers put in their orders for the week.  Then I could have gone on vacation and not worried about business.  And that would have made me a few hundred or maybe $1000.  But I have a team!  And so I get to leverage their time as well as my own.  So when my team gets their customers to put in their orders for the week, I earn a percentage of all of that money.  If they recruit a new team member, I get a percentage of that referral bonus.  When they place their own orders, I get a percentage of that also.  So now my check increases dramatically - with no additional effort from me.  That is LEVERAGE.

Residual income and leverage.  Money and people working for you instead of you working for them.  It's something that can change your life.  But only if you're ready to do what it takes.  Think you are?  Let's find out!

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