Special Report!
Increasing Team Member Engagement and Retention

Purpose:  Know what to do and why

  1. Explain the vision and values of the company and your team and why they are keys to success
  2. Help team members set challenging yet achievable goals and encourage them to track their progress
  3. Work with team members to adjust their DMO when situations change (illness, travel, etc)

Information:  Have timely access to data and decisions that affect their business

  1. Provide access to pertinent, non-confidential information
  2. Immediately share news that affects your team
  3. Communicate decisions and their rationale
  4. Pass along team and company success stories
  5. Offer data and insights about competitors, customers, the industry, and market conditions

Empowerment: Have influence over decisions and actions to achieve outcomes

  1. Encourage learning from mistakes
  2. Make sure team members have what they need to build their business

Respect: Show consideration for others and their contributions

  1. Model and reinforce the use of effective interpersonal skills
  2. Foster diversity of approaches, ideas, and opinions
  3. Leverage individual team members’ experience and expertise
  4. Encourage flexibility and work/life balance

Collaboration:  Work together harmoniously to achieve goals

  1. Support the sharing of information, feedback, knowledge, and resources
  2. Empower team members to generate ideas, solve problems, make decisions, and take action
  3. Recognize efforts that demonstrate cooperation and yield results

Trust: Have confidence that commitments will be kept, company and team leadership will be honest, and team members will be treated fairly

  1. Be consistent in your messages and actions
  2. As appropriate, disclose your position so that others feel comfortable sharing similar information
  3. Admit when you’ve made a mistake
  4. Demonstrate that you care about your team’s success and well-being
  5. Give credit when it’s due

Development:  Have opportunities and support to expand knowledge and skills

  1. Provide ongoing coaching and balanced, specific, formal and informal feedback.
  2. Encourage team members to stretch beyond their comfort zone
  3. Encourage team members to engage in continuous self-development

Recognition:  Be acknowledged for efforts and achievement

  1. Recognize and reward team members in ways that are meaningful to them
  2. Praise team member’s efforts and progress and celebrate their performance and results
  3. Share individual and team accomplishments
  4. Leverage your company’s reward and recognition intiatives.