Is Your Toothpaste Toxic?

Is your toothpaste toxic?  It's quite likely!  Many popular brands contain ingredients like Triclosan and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

We're taught from a young age that one of the things we should do every day (twice a day according to dentists) is brush our teeth.  But if our toothpaste contains toxins that are actually harmful to our body, what price are we paying for whiter teeth and fewer cavities?

What are these ingredients and why are they in our toothpaste?  Two of them are mentioned above.  But there are others.

Triclosan is a form of antibacterial agent found in many toothpastes to prevent gingivitis.  The FDA says there isn't enough evidence to say it's toxic.  But it has been shown to be an endocrine disruptor similar to BPA.  Additional studies indicate that it may be contributing to bacterial resistance and has also been shown to cause cancer in mice. 

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is the ingredient that makes toothpaste foamy.  That is it's only purpose.  It does not cause cancer.  It may cause canker sores.   Studies show that it irritates the soft tissues in the mouth.  So if the purpose of all this brushing of teeth is a healthier mouth, why would you use something that makes irritates it to the point of causing canker sores?  Is foaming at the mouth while you brush really that important?

FD&C Blue #1.  That lovely blue color in your tooth gel?  It is not natural.  It comes from the addition of FD&C Blue #1.  And FD&C Blue #1 is made from petroleum.  Really?  Do you want to put something made from petroleum in your mouth?  But think!  Who uses blue toothpaste even more than you do?  That's right - KIDS!  We are exposing kids to an ingredient that may accumulate in the body the longer it is used.  And while there are no studies citing specific risks for FD&C #1, food dyes in general have been linked to allergies, ADHD, and even cancer.  Why take the chance?

What can you do to have a healthy mouth and still avoid all these potential toxins?  Reviive toothpaste uses natural abrasives to clean your teeth.  It is sodium lauryl sulfate and fluoride free (yes, fluoride is a potential toxin).  It contains ingredients such as peppermint oil and natural vanilla.  And - it works!  I have had some of the best dental checkups since I started using Reviive. 

Is your toothpaste toxic?  Probably!  But there is an alternative. 

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