List Building Secrets

Yay!  So glad you decided to join us!

This training program is designed to help you add subscribers to your list.

Normally, I would charge for this program.  So why is it free?  Because I want you to try it!  Because I know you will love it so much you will recommend it to your friends!  And because I want to earn your future business, of course. 

I could be like those other "gurus" and tell you it's free and then lure you into never-ending upgrades and add ons.  But I don't work that way.  I'm offering this for free for one big reason. 

If you like it, you'll do more business with me in the future.  And you'll tell your friends about me!

And if you don't, at least I know that you are on your way to building a good responsive list.  Which in the end, is why I'm here. 

To help you.

So let's get started!

Lesson 1

Newsletters 101

Lesson 2

Relationships and Marketing

Lesson 3

Selling Your Newsletter

Lesson 4

Newsletter Publishing Tips

Lesson 5

Improving Newsletter Open Rates

Lesson 6

Are You Hitting Your Target?