How It All Began
My Network Marketing Journey

I think we all try network marketing for one!

My first foray into the business began in 1975.  Now if you know how old I am and can do the math, then you realize I was pretty young then.  All of 18 to be exact!  I was just heading off to college.  And I admit...I was concerned about how I was going to pay for it.  My family was poor.  And we didn't have all the financial aid available today.  So tuition was a definite concern.  So when my high school guidance counselor invited me to a business presentation and showed me a $9000 check,  I was all in!

There was only one small problem.  I knew nothing about network marketing or business in general.  I felt awkward trying to recruit family and friends.  And I had no idea how to recruit strangers. Was I expected to hold business presentations in the dorm?  Needless to say, with no training or support,  I soon became discouraged and quit.

In 1993, I decided to try again.  I had just retired from the military. Sure I had my retirement.  But I also had two daughters in high school.  Band, choir, sports, Prom.  That all cost money.  And it wouldn't be long before they would be headed to college.  Tuition x2!  There wasn't much of a job market for a Russian linguist and cryptologist in northwest Arkansas.  I was starting out all over which meant entry level jobs.  I had to do something else.

I tried everything my upline taught me.  But once again I felt awkward talking to friends and family.  They were aware of my earlier failure.  They knew I wasn't making any money this time either.  And I felt like a phony trying to talk to strangers.  How could I convince them my business was great when I wasn't making any money?  My upline soon gave up on me.  And once again, I grew discouraged and quit.

Then in October 2000, everything changed.  That is when I received the news no daughter wants to hear.  My mother had passed away unexpectedly and I was now responsible for caring for my Alzheimer's stricken father.  I had long ago promised that I would keep him at home as long as possible.  Besides, he couldn't afford a decent nursing home.  And so we prepared to welcome him into our home.

It wasn't long before I realized he required more care than I could provide and still work outside the home. He had already wandered away from the house twice. With the help of local law enforcement, we found him.  But I knew there couldn't be a third time.  I had to find another way.  And so I prayed for a solution.   Who would have believed what that solution would be!

I believe doors are opened when you are ready.  And so when I was shown another network marketing opportunity, I said yes.  And shortly after, I met the person who introduced me to the power of the internet.  And then I discovered attraction marketing.

This time I was ready!  I learned all I could about attraction marketing and online marketing. I read  books, went to seminars, listened to training calls.  And you know what?  Slowly but surely, I began to build a business!

My dad lived with us for 8 years.  I am proud to be able to say I kept my promise to keep him at home until the day he died.  It wasn't always easy but I wouldn't trade those years for anything.

Today, I am blessed with grandchildren who are my heart's delight.  My life is more than I would have ever thought possible in 1975.  Or 1993.  Or even 2000.   It is more than I ever imagined.

You know what?  Yours can be too.  It's all up to you.

If you want more - more money, more time, more security, more FREEDOM, my team and I are here to support you.  So let's go do this!

I'm super happy our paths crossed. You have & are teaching me so much & for a person that's very new to network marketing, without your guidance, book, emails & general support there were times I would have struggled. You have boosted my confidence massively & I can't thank you enough. I now even have a Blog! Something I thought of so many times but feared doing. Keep inspiring, Melodieann!

Natt Irvine, Irvine's Desire To Inspire