Network Marketing on Twitter

Network marketing on Twitter?  Really?  Is it possible to use Twitter to grow your network marketing business?  Yes!  I know most companies teach that the only way to build your downline is through the use of in-home meetings and presentations.  While these are very effective, today's technology has put a host of other promotional methods at our disposal.  One of these is social media marketing.  And one of the most popular and effective sites for social media marketing is Twitter.

If you don't have a Twitter account, you need to set one up right away.  When you do, make sure you design it to stand out from the competition.  Fill out your profile information completely, add your website, and use your top keywords in your bio. 

Use the design options to customize your profile.  Add graphics and photos that promote you and your business.  Change them periodically to reflect your latest promotion or newest product.  Make sure your profile picture is actually a picture of you (best) or your company logo.  People want to know to build relationship with you.  They want to know who you are.  Hiding behind an avatar is not the best way to gain the know, like, trust factor.

Follow the right people.  Find the leaders in your industry and follow them.  Many of them will follow you back.  Follow industry leaders will help you keep up with current trends and topics of interest in your field.  And it gives you the opportunity to interact with them and build a relationship with them.  And don't forget to follow me!

Create a Twitter landing page on your website.  A Twitter landing page provides specific information that you normally don’t provide on your blog or website.  You could include a special welcome message specifically for your Twitter followers.  You can also list the types of topics you tweet about or even include a list of your most current tweets.  If you don't know how to do that, Twitter provides a widget that makes it easy.  You might also want to provide your follow policy.  For instance, I follow almost everyone back.  However, if your tweets contain profanity, off-color or "adult" content, or are simply one long list of self=promoting tweets, I probably won't.

Network marketing on Twitter does not mean tweeting and endless list of links to your products or website.  Tweet stuff of value.  Yes, you can promote your business.  But make sure you also share other types of content.  Retweet info you find interesting from the people you follow.  Share articles written by the experts in your field.  Don't forget to share some personal information as well.  And interact!  Reply to, retweet, and favorite tweets from others you follow as well as your followers.

Once you have built up a loyal Twitter following, put them to work.  Offer specials to your Twitter followers.  Reward those that retweet you regularly with a sample of your products or free service.  Create games or contests for them.  

Network marketing on Twitter.  Easy.  Use these tips to help build your network marking team.