Podcasts for Self Development

Now, it’s time to dig deep and learn more about yourself. Try to find a quiet place so you can spend some time reflecting on the questions. Share your honest thoughts here – there’s no judgment or right answer. You are free to journal, brainstorm and doodle in this space.

[From: Change Your Content; Change Your Life]

1. What are some ways you've let negative content in your life?






2. Can you replace this negative content with an upbeat podcast?






3. What topics would you like to learn more about?







[From: 5 Podcast Recommendations to Help You Grow into Your Best Self]

1. Has a podcast ever challenged the way you thought about an issue?







2. What podcasts have your friends recommended?








3. Who would you love to see create a podcast?








[From: When Will You Make Time for Your Favorite Podcasts?]

1. When do your normally listen to podcasts?








2. Are there activities in your day that you could use to play a podcast?








3. What's a podcast you'd like to recommend to a friend?








[From: 6 Podcasts That Will Shake Up Your Mindset]

1. What podcasts have you tried but didn't like? Why didn't you like them?








2. What podcasts have you tried and loved? Why?








3. What makes a podcast a must-listen for you?








[From: Implement What You Hear: Turn Inspiring Podcasts into Actionable Steps]

1. How do you track what podcasts you've listened to?








2. Have you ever acted on advice from a podcast? How did it turn out?








3. What makes you want to recommend a podcast to a friend?