Puritii Water Filtration System

I have never been a water drinker.  Tea, coffee, diet soda - those were my beverages of choice.  Not terribly unhealthy (ok, diet soda isn't the best choice), but not water. 

Now I know all of the reasons why I should be drinking plain water.  But let's be honest.  Have you ever tasted most tap water?  Not exactly flavorful.  Or sometimes it was, but not with any flavor you'd want to drink!  And when you read all the stories about the chemicals and pollutants in our drinking water - well, at least with tea the water was boiled.

What about bottled water?  Some of it wasn't too bad.  But a lot of it is just bottled tap water!  And when you factor in the cost of the water, not to mention the amount of plastic bottles going into landfills, it's easy to see why bottled water isn't the best choice either.  Just check out the Natural Resources Defense Council report on bottled water!

That's why I was so excited to try the Puritii Water Filtration System!  The award-winning Puritii Water Filtration System delivers the cleanest possible filtered water. The patented triple filter removes toxins, destroys pathogens and leaves my water safe, clean and fresh.  And the best part is it's portable so you can have pure, clean water wherever you are.  If you travel like I do, that's important.  You can choose the medical plastic bottle.  Or you can carry the stainless steel bottle like I have.

Whether you fill up with tap water or pond water, Puritii’s triple filter removes everything you don’t want, leaving nothing but what you need: pure, clear water, 99.99% free of chemical, microbial and even radioactive contamination. 

Fresh, pure water on the go without the cost and waste of bottled water.

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