Recordings And Webinars

Recordings and webinars.  I've done a few.  Hosted a few.  And I've been asked to share them more than a few times.  So...I've decided to put all of them in one central location on my website.  I'm going through and picking out the best.  The ones that really add value.  So be patient as I add them!

As promised - one of the long lost interviews. Unedited, unscripted, real! Meet author and astrologer, Joyce Mason!

Joyce gave me the encouragement I needed to finally finish my own book.  Although her book is a novel, her tips and suggestions can help anyone interested in publishing a book of their own.

Listen here...

Another of my original interviews - this time with the amazing Heidi Caswell!  WordPress Whiz, SendOut Cards rep (which means she knows a thing or two about Direct Sales and Network Marketing!

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