Suddenly There's Two of Me!

I didn't have a weight problem growing up.  In fact, quite the opposite.  I remember my mom and grandma making me all sorts of nutritional shakes and special foods in an effort to help me gain weight.  I also remember I didn't like them very much!

Their efforts didn't seem to help much.  I was thin - actually downright skinny - all through high school.  When I left to begin my military career, I was a whole 118 pounds.  Now some of you may think that's not bad.  But I'm built like Baba and my Dad.  Good Slavic stock!  Which means my hip bones stuck out.  My wrist bones stuck out.  I looked bad. 

Military life didn't change anything.  Between mandatory physical training and being stationed in places that encouraged an active outdoor lifestyle (Hawaii, Florida, California), keeping slim was not a problem.  I did gain some weight after my daughter was born, but it just made me look better.  I didn't look like I was starving. 

I can hear you now.  "So...what's wrong with being naturally thin?"  Well, you see, things happen.  Metabolism changes.  I didn't worry about nutrition or calories.  I had been encouraged all my life to eat more!  So I pretty much ate whatever I wanted.  Pasta, cheese, ice cream, pizza!  I drank soda and beer.  Chips and cupcakes were regular snacks.  I didn't watch what I ate.  I had no problems.  Oh sure, I was beginning to gain a little.  But I still met all the military fitness standards. 

Eventually I retired,  and our family settled in NW Arkansas.  A bit of a different lifestyle than what I had become accustomed to.  For one thing, the fitness craze, which was beginning to boom elsewhere, hadn't quite hit here.  So there were no places to run except along dark country roads.  No "workout buddies" to encourage you to get up in the morning and exercise.  There was also lots of good Southern food, which I quickly learned to love!  And slowly I noticed the clothes got a bit tighter.  But hey!  I could stand to put on a few more pounds.

You'd be surprised how easily weight creeps on.  So slowly, you almost don't notice.  You just buy the next size up in clothes and don't even really stop to think about it.  Until something makes you confront it. 

I had started a new job with the Girl Scouts.  We were launching a project to take Scouting into low income housing and a television crew was present at one of my meetings with the girls to do a story on the program.  That night I tuned into the evening broadcast and there was the story.  And as they showed images of me teaching the girls a dance, the first thought that crossed my mind as I watched was "OMG! There's two of me!"  When did that happen?  HOW did that happen?  And how do I get rid of it?

I tried everything.  If there is a weight loss program out there, I've been on it.  Nothing worked.  Oh I lost weight at first.  But as soon as I stopped using whatever pill or potion or program I was on at the time, the weight came right back.  And that's the problem with most weight loss programs.  You can't stay on them forever.  And they don't teach you how to change your lifestyle to maintain the weight loss. 

Thankfully, I was an avid network marketer.  I joined a new company called ARIIX.  One of our products is a weight loss product called Slenderiix.  I believe in being a "product of my products" so I decided to give It a try.  Besides, I was almost 300 pounds by now so what did I have to lose - except weight!

Well I am happy to report that it works!  So far I have lost 65 pounds!  I still have a long way to go, but I am confident that this time I will reach my goal.  I will be talking more about my weight loss journey here.  I wish I had a before and after picture to share but I was so embarrassed by my weight that I wouldn't let anyone take pictures of me. But I did recently share a selfie on Facebook to celebrate the day I could actually tuck my shirt into my pants AND button them.  It's not the best photo.  Guess it's time to invest in one of those full length mirrors I have been avoiding for years! 

Are you interested in trying Slenderiix for yourself?  Do you want to see what a change you can make in your health and wellbeing?  Click here to save 30% on your order of any product.  You will be taken to the ARIIX company shopping cart where you can make your purchase and the products will be shipped directly to you.

And check back often to follow me on my health and wellness journey.  Because I have discovered it is about so much more than just losing weight!