The Moneymaker Challenge

When you run a business and market that business online it truly is an amazing thing to be able to turn your skills and talents into cash on demand!

For those of us with an online business there are no coffee shop meetups (or getting stood up) required. No waiting for the check to clear. No face to face meetings that may or may not lead to sales.

If I need income today I can whip up an email, send it out and earn money today. It really does, can and will happen that way!

I often wake up with more money in my PayPal account than I had when I went to sleep.

As a daily moneymaker you’ll be able to:

  • Create income goals and actually achieve them. No more randomly “hoping” things just work out.
  • Learn what actually works & do more. No more guessing at what to do, practice enough and you’ll know what works or what works more often than not (we don’t have crystal balls, but it’s way better than working completely blind)!
  • Stop wasting your time on things that don’t make you money. This is a literal business killer! When you focus on your moneymaker tasks it becomes super-clear what you should and should not be spending your valuable, precious time on!


I’m a DAILY Moneymaker. Now it’s my goal to make sure YOU are one, too. You in?

Introducing the Daily Moneymaker Challenge

The Daily Moneymaker Challenge is a challenge for anyone who has a digital business and is interested in creating more time-business freedom. We are going to get setup for success and then walk through the ways you can earn money and create passive income for your business. This is going to be fun!

In this challenge there are the exact fast-action steps you’ll be taking:

  • Day 1: Determine your Daily Money Goal
  • Day 2: Do your Offers Inventory & Moneymaker Task List
  • Day 3: Do one Daily Moneymaker Task
  • Day 4: Do two Daily Moneymaker Tasks
  • Day 5: Do three Daily Moneymaker Tasks
  • Day 6: Review Results of Last Week’s Moneymaker Tasks
  • Day 7: Do one Daily Moneymaker Task
  • Day 8: Do two Daily Moneymaker Tasks
  • Day 9: Do three Daily Moneymaker Tasks 
  • Day 10: Plan 1-3 Months of Moneymaker Tasks (easy list)

Why be a Daily Moneymaker?

There are a lot of great reasons to take some time to focus on making money every single day Here are a few:

  1. You’ll create momentum – The more time you spend focusing on creating profits, the easier it will become. You will not be able to say “I’m not a good salesperson” ANYMORE! No, you’ll create momentum and a flow of selling that feels natural and right for you, and you’ll love it!
  2. You’ll get on top of your money management – When you break a big yearly goal into smaller, daily pieces you’ll know immediately if you are on track or way off base. If you end up hitting that goal day after day, great, maybe it’s time to set bigger goals. Or, if you end up being so far below it just doesn’t add it, it’s time to adjust goals, expenses, etc, until your business money makes sense.
  3. You’ll stop spinning your wheels – It’s just frustrating to be working so hard and getting nowhere. It’s not more hard work that’s going to get you anywhere, either, it’s SMART work. So stop spinning your wheels on the things that don’t get you results and start with the profit, be a daily moneymaker.

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