Why I Came Back

It was 2014.  Life was pretty good.  But I was getting older.  57 isn't really old.  But I was starting to look at slowing down somewhat.  To quote Capt Jean Luc Picard (once a Trekkie, always a Trekkie), there were far fewer years ahead than there were behind.  I didn't want to spend the rest of whatever time I had left working.  I wanted to spend time with my family. I still had things I wanted to experience.  There were places I wanted to visit.  And while my network marketing business provided me with more freedom than many people have, it still took time.  I had to work to keep it growing.  I had embraced attraction marketing wholeheartedly by then.  But so many members of my team, both upline and downline, were still resistant to the concept.  It was a struggle every day to get them to stop using the old methods that just didn't work anymore. And I just wasn't sure I wanted to do that anymore.  I mean, I could survive quite comfortably on the residual income I already had.  How much money does one person really need anyway?  That's why, after so many years in the business, I walked away. 

Or so I thought.  Despite my best intentions, life had other plans apparently.  I remember quite well the exactly when and how it all changed.  I was working online.  Just because I was no longer actively building my business, I was still active on social media.  I supported my team and my friends by sharing general information about the business model.  I posted inspirational quotes.  I tried to teach others what I had learned.  I still hoped to change the way the business model was perceived and to get people to change the way they built their business.  I'm not sure why I still cared.  Maybe in the back of my mind, I knew I wasn't really ready to quit.  Maybe I was still searching for those that thought like I did.  But I did care and so there I was, late one November evening, posting online, when I received a message from my now good friend, Heshie Segal.  She said she had been following me for awhile and liked what I shared.  She wanted to speak with me.  She had a project in mind and she wondered if it was something I would be interested in.  Well, of course, I was intrigued!  Heshie was awesome.  To think that she had noticed me was flattering to say the least.  That she wanted to work with me was beyond imagining.  So of course I said yes!

We decided we would talk the next day.  When the phone rang, I eagerly answered.  I couldn't wait to hear what type of project she thought I could help her with.  She started the conversation by once again stating that she loved what I was sharing online.  She said it was wonderful meeting someone who thought like she did.  There weren't many of us, she said.  She had been with a network marketing company too.  And she had left hers recently for many of the same reasons I had.  And she too hoped to change the industry.

Well, I was now very excited!  What project could she possibly have in mind that I could help her with?  Well, imagine my surprise when she started talking about a network marketing company. 

I have to admit, I was disappointed.  In fact, I almost cut the conversation short to hang up.  I mean, here I was all excited to be on the phone with Heshie Segal and all she wanted to do was pitch me her business opportunity.  Really?!!

But I didn't hang up.  Again, I'm not sure why.  Heshie CAN be pretty persuasive, but it wasn't that.  But I decided to hear her out.  And I'm glad I did.  Because she proceeded to tell me about Ariix.  A company run by people that felt like we did.  That cooperation beat competition.  That reps had RIGHTS!!  That teaching others how to be successful was more important than enrolling huge numbers of reps just to make rank.  That selling products was a critical part of the business so the products better be without par.  That the compensation plan needed to reward the reps well since without them, there would be no business.  That you shouldn't have to beg, or chase, or convince people to join your team.  They would come to you because they saw what you had and they wanted to be part of it.  And she was part of this amazing company and was going to build a team based on these concepts. 

Now I could tell you all about the company here.  I could talk about the Team Member Bill of Rights, the amazing compensation plan, the life-changing products.  I could talk about the people who are part of this company and the support and training provided for new reps.  I could...but I'm not going to.  You can find all that here on this website.  I am going to tell you that in November 2014, I reentered the world of network marketing and I have not regretted that decision for one minute.  It isn't work anymore.  It's FUN!  This is what I had always wanted to do.  Help others change their lives.  And when your passion and your career come together, it's not work.  It's JOY! 

So that's why I came back to this business.  It has been quite a ride!  And it's not over yet.  And I would be remiss in my mission to change as many lives as possible if I did not offer you the same chance.  Ready to change your life?  Ready to help others change their lives?  Let's talk!.