You Are Building A Business!

Perhaps you've always had a boss to report to. Not any more. You are the boss of your business. You will determine whether you succeed or fail. Begin, right from DAY 1 with the mindset of a successful businessperson...

1) Successful business people understand that they're building more than a website or a fan page. They're building a real live business, which is not something that can be mastered with a commitment here and there. It takes motivation, self-determination and effort to succeed. Think and breathe business.

2) Understand first, act second. 

3) Don't be afraid to ask for help. If you think you have all the answers, you'll end up taking steps backward at some point.

4) Be open to constructive criticism and take the points that you believe will move you forward in your business.

5) Watch for the "traffic hump" and find your own way over it. Don't let non-productive items mislead you. Stay in that mindset of a business owner.

6) Building a business takes time. Don't compare and measure your standards to others. You are you. Set your own pace.

7) Give yourself an overall realistic plan -- one year, three, five, or more? If you need money quickly, find other ways right now. Slowly build your business on your passion and knowledge, and use the tools provided.

The truth is that success will not happen overnight, but if you stay motivated, work hard, and stick with the entire process, you will become a successful businessperson.

It's totally up to you and you alone. Those days when you aren't motivated (and there will be some), step away, clear your head, and refocus yourself on your long-range plan.

8) If you first don't succeed with one monetization option, try another one. The possibilities of monetizing on the Internet are numerous. Find the monetization methods that will work well for your niche.

9) Invest in yourself. Take training. Attend webinars. Hire a coach. Read books. Do what is necessary to gain the skills and knowledge necessary. Don't go into mountains of debt to buy the next hot thing, but know that sometimes you will have to pay for the training, coaching, or tools that you need. Do it! If you won't invest in yourself, why should anyone else?

Sometimes, you'll read advice in from others that runs contrary to what I teach you. Deviating from the solid attraction marketing approach may work short-term (e.g., over-aggressive link-building worked for a while, several years ago). Attraction marketing, on the other hand, is all about long-term results.

Important note: where folks must customize and deviate is with their business.

Success Does Not Depend on Luck

A well-done content-based website and social media platform is the core, your springboard to bigger and better things... "Money things."

Once your core is running well and producing a good volume of PREsold traffic, add various income streams.

Attraction marketing has nothing to do with luck -- that's the whole point of this process. Follow it well. Do it carefully. Execute with excellence.

Yes, it's possible to fail with in your business. But that is not "bad luck." It does not mean you can't run a business. It doesn't mean you are incompetent or stupid or "too" (poor, old, uneducated, busy, young, etc etc) to succeed. You  simply made mistakes, which can be corrected (even if that means starting over).

Success is not about luck. 

Let's wrap up with this final guidance...

  • Be a doer, not a talker. Go that extra mile, and take the bumps in the road as a learning experience. This can be a great ride to success or it can be a backward journey to failure. Which way are you going to move?
  • Whenever something good happens (and it will), ask yourself... How can I repeat or leverage this?
  • Follow the process. Customize the business.